Genera Studios – Ambitronic for Xfer Serum (SYNTH the PRESET)

Genera Studios – Ambitronic for Xfer Serum (SYNTH the PRESET)

Genera Studios is a sound design house and music production company based in Los Angeles. Founded in 2015, it specializes in creating custom synthesizer sounds for a variety of genres. Its latest release is Ambitronic for Xfer Serum, a preset bank designed to bring futuristic and ambient textures to your productions. This collection of sounds has been developed by Genera Studios' team of experienced sound designers and musicians to provide producers with the highest quality sample material.

Ambitronic for Xfer Serum contains over 100 presets, including basses, leads, pads, keys, strings, arpeggios, and more. These sounds have been crafted to work in tandem with Serum's unique synthesis engine, allowing users to create complex and evolving sonic landscapes. They are perfect for adding depth and atmosphere to any track or style of music. Additionally, all presets in the bank can be tweaked and manipulated to suit individual needs.

These sounds were carefully designed and programmed to provide maximum impact and flexibility. Each preset has been designed to be immediately playable and easily tweakable, giving producers the ability to quickly craft their own unique sounds. The collection also features a wide range of effects and modulation options to further customize the sound.

Producers looking for an extra edge to their sound will love the unique sound palette of Ambitronic for Xfer Serum. It provides a wide range of sonic possibilities in one package, making it the perfect tool for producers looking to add something new to their arsenal. From modern techno, trance, and dubstep to atmospheric soundscapes and classic old-school sounds, this versatile preset bank has all the tools necessary to take any production to the next level.

Genera Studios has crafted each sound in the Ambitronic for Xfer Serum bank to ensure that producers can get the most out of every note. With its powerful sound engine and vast array of sound design options, this preset bank is sure to become a producer's go-to source for creative inspiration. Whether you're an amateur producer or a professional sound designer, the Ambitronic for Xfer Serum preset bank from Genera Studios is a must-have addition to any studio setup.

The Ambitronic for Xfer Serum preset bank from Genera Studios is an invaluable tool for producers seeking to add new and exciting textures to their tracks. With its diverse selection of sounds and intuitive sound design capabilities, this preset bank is sure to provide producers with endless creative possibilities. Add the perfect touch of ambitronic to any production with this fantastic collection of sounds from Genera Studios.


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