Honey Select 2 (v1.1.4 – R4)

Honey Select 2 (v1.1.4 – R4)

Honey Select 2 (v1.1.4 – R4) is a Japanese eroge game from Illusion Studio. It is the successor to Honey Select (HS1) and has far greater features than its predecessor. Players can customize almost any aspect of their characters and environments for their own intimate fantasies. Honey Select 2 (HS2) offers a wide variety of settings and poses for their models, as well as allowing players to create their own custom clothing and accessories. Furthermore, it provides numerous options for facial expressions and fine tuning of character details such as eyes and mouths.

For more realism and a more immersive experience, Honey Select 2 also comes with DX Card Editor which allows players to add additional effects to their characters and scenes. With a range of options available, the customization of the scene can be taken to a whole new level. As well as allowing players to create custom habitats, clothing, and faces, the DX card editor allows players to add even more elements to their characters, such as changing the lighting of the environment, adding depth of field and even choose to modify the shape and size of the characters.

Honey Select 2 can be downloaded from the official website or from various third-party vendors. The latest version (v1.1.4 – R4) has been released with improved performance, graphics and stability. Additionally, it has been made available for download in both English and Chinese. The game is also available for purchase on Steam and Illusion Studio NEO v2 from their respective stores.

Honey Select 2 also offers players the chance to experience its additional content by buying its newly released Libido Pack, which contains numerous extra content such as character designs, music, backgrounds and special effects. The Libido Pack can be purchased from the official website as a DLC. Alternatively, Libido Packs can be downloaded free from various third-party vendors also. Furthermore, Honey Select 2’s Libido Pack also works with the original HS1 game, so it is an excellent way to get the most out of both games.

Honey Select 2 has become the most popular game among adult games, with the release of the Libido Pack. It has become the top choice among players who are looking for a rich and realistic adult gaming experience. Players have praised Honey Select 2 for its rich detail, character customization options and its outstanding graphics. Honey Select 2 is available for both PC and smartphone, with the PC version providing a much more immersive experience.

Players can also choose to play Honey Select 2 in different modes. The Story Mode allows players to follow a storyline and choose the course of their character’s actions. In Free Play Mode, on the other hand, players can experience the game by freely selecting and customizing different scenarios. Additionally, they can also utilize special cards to give their characters extra powers and abilities.

Finally, Honey Select 2 has also gained many features not found in the original version. For example, the game now includes a shop system where players can buy and sell items and customized characters. Players can also participate in rankings and competitions where they can challenge other players or send their characters out for exploration. With the release of Honey Select 2, the series is evolving into a fully-fledged dating and simulation game.


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