Kiwi Clicker – Juiced Up (v1.3)

Kiwi Clicker – Juiced Up (v1.3)

Kiwi Clicker – Juiced Up (v1.3) is the latest version of the popular idle clicker game that has become an internet sensation. This unique game puts you in charge of a kiwi-farming operation in which you tap the screen to collect delicious kiwis. For each kiwi acquired, you earn coins that can be used to buy items and upgrades. As you progress, your farm will become bigger and more profitable, unlocking new levels and experiences.

Kiwi Clicker Juiced Up v1.3 is a major upgrade to the original Kiwi Clicker game. This version introduces several new features designed to make the game more engaging and exciting. The new game now has a much more visually appealing design with enhanced graphics and animation. Players can also customize their farm’s look with various themes. The game also features a much expanded collection of items to purchase and upgrades to apply.

Kiwi Clicker Juiced Up v1.3 also features an improved user interface, making it easier to navigate and understand. Players can quickly move from one screen to another, and there are now detailed instructions for each game mode. The game also recently added a new ‘challenge mode’ that tests the player’s reaction time and skill. Finally, a leaderboard was added to many levels, allowing players to compete against each other as they progress.

Kiwi Clicker is available for free on both the Google Play Market and App Store. It can also be played online via the website, where players can partake in “Kiwi Clicker Unblocked”. This web version of the game is unaltered and is the most convenient way to play.

Kiwi Clicker – Juiced Up (v1.3) is the perfect game for casual gamers and idle clicker fans. With its vibrant graphics, customisation options and new game modes, there is something for everyone. For those looking for a fun, addictive game, Kiwi Clicker is hard to beat. So why not give it a try and see what the buzz is all about?

Kiwi Clicker – Juiced Up (v1.3) is sure to please any fan of idle clicker games. With its familiar game format, vibrant graphics, customisation options and expanded content, this latest version of the game is a must-play. Whether you’re looking for a fun way to spend some time or want to challenge yourself with the new ‘challenge mode’, you are sure to enjoy Kiwi Clicker – Juiced Up (v1.3). And with its availability on Google Play Market, App Store and, you can enjoy Kiwi Clicker Unblocked from anywhere!


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