Monster Girl Quest (All Parts & Uncensored)

Monster Girl Quest (All Parts & Uncensored)

Monster Girl Quest (MGR) is a popular interactive visual novel series developed by Obokaidem and translated by RogueTranslator. The series follows the hero, known as “Luka”, as he journeys around the world to slay monsters and free humans from enslavement. The games are known for their “unique” art style, humorous dialogue, and strategic battles. The first two instalments of the series were released in 2011, followed by two subsequent releases in 2013, downloadable from RogueTranslator’s website. In 2020, the series was officially released on Steam. If you’re looking for a “monster girl” experience, MGQ is definitely the way to go.

The series revolves around the adventures of the hero, Luka, as he journeys across the world, battling monsters and other creatures, known as “Elements”. He’s joined on his quest by a variety of apparently friendly monster girls. The battles are strategic, requiring the player to choose the best moves in appropriate order in order to win. The game is filled with humor and perverted situations, keeping it interesting and enjoyable.

The series is best known for its diverse range of female enemies. From slime girls, to lamias, harpies, and succubuses, there’s a monster girl to suit any interest. There’s also options to recruit monster girls to join your party, which adds another layer of strategy to the game.

To accompany the game, there’s also the Monster Girl Encyclopedia F95, an official guidebook by PUNCHLINE that provides detailed information on a huge selection of monster girls from the series, as well as an in-depth look at their personalities, backgrounds and special abilities. It’s an invaluable resource for any fan of the series. The guidebook also contains fun extra content like a “Monster Girl of the Month” article and various other columns, as well as a Monster Girl Hunt section which provides tips and hints on how to catch and recruit monster girls in the game.

The series was recently released on Steam, in its uncensored version, allowing players to experience the game as it was meant to be. As of this writing, the first and second instalments are available to purchase. Fans of the series can also find it on Android and Mac, with the Monmusu Quest Zenshou Makeraba Youjo ni Okasareru version being the best to go for.

Finally, the series has also received its spin-off game Monster Girl Dreams F95, a visual novel developed by Masada-Chi and inspired by the original series. It’s also been released on Steam as of January 2021.

In short, Monster Girl Quest is a fan-favorite series for good reason. With its deep story, humorous dialogue, strategic battles and its wide range of monster girls, there’s something for everyone in this series. Whether you’re looking for the original series, its spin-off, or a guidebook to capture every monster girl, Monster Girl Quest has it all – and it’s available for download on PC, Mac, and Android.


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